Unstructured Knowledge Base

BrainaBase (a child project of Braina) is an unstructured knowledge base consisting data of well-known people, places and things. Unlike other databases or knowledge bases which stores information in a structured manner, BrainaBase is an unstructured (or semi-structured) knowledge base which stores information in the form of human readable English language statements. Information from BrainaBase can be read and understood by both humans and computers (using Braina). Datasets in BrainaBase are nothing but plain text files.

BrainaBase is currently under development. Two sample datasets are provided below:

CapitalsList of capitals of the countries in the world.
URLsList of URLs (Uniform Resource Locator) of famous websites.

Note: If the file doesn't get downloaded automatically and instead gets shown in your web browser then right click and select "Save As".

Check out what can you ask Braina after teaching these files:

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